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MAY 17TH 2019
Barbies Big Round Caramel booty is HOWLING like a wolf at the moon with EXPLOSIVE FARTS!  You can tell by the way they sounded that they STUNK!  One of my favs doing candid farts.. Barbie is Back!!

MAY 8TH 2019

When Sarina Loca Farts it is not passing of gas it is more like
 a sexual eruption.  She just oozes sex appeal in her clips and
 makes them very erotic.  She is a hell of a farter too!

MAY 1ST 2019

Sexy Candid farts from the Latin POF Sarina Loca
and this clip ends with a HUGE load dropped in the toilet!
  and she looks so pretty and hot while making
the clips sexy like only she can!

APRIL 23RD 2019

You are here and this is your fantasy.. you are going to relax and be taken care of.  You won't have a care in the world just sit back and ENJOY.  No you are not in Cancun... but you are in MEXICAN PARADISE because this is a SARINA LOCA fart fetish fantasy!  She is going to rip her BIGGEST FARTS YET!  she is going to dance for you twerk for you and make all your fart fetish fantasies come true.. on three.. 1... 2.. 3... SARINA LOCA!

APRIL 16TH 2019

Sarina Loca is the master of fetishy style fart videos.  She is such a nasty girl!  I have NEVER told her what to say in videos she comes up with her OWN dialogue and it is always nasty!  "Lick ass, do you want me to fart in your face now?"  "Fuck my ass daddy do you like that?"  "I wanna ride your cock while I fart"  OMG this video is so HOT and these farts are AMAZING!  Long Live Sarina Loca!

APRIL 8TH 2019

She is gonna start with BARE ASS BLASTS ripping BUBBLEY WATERY FARTS on your face then she is going to put on jeans that will FILTER the farts and make the smell last MUCH LONGER!  So just a heads up.  You are going to PASS THE FUCK OUT!
MARCH 31TH 2019

Debbie is trying to finish some chores around the house but she CAN'T STOP FARTING!  You will see her doing her work and farting constantly.  She will not fart around me so I have to put a hidden camera to catch all of these HUGE farts.  She holds in her farts around me so they are REALLY BIG when she is alone.  I love the way she puts her hands on her hip and pushes out ALL THAT GAS!  I should not spy on my wife... it is kind of CREEPY but this is the only way I can see her fart!

MARCH 24TH 2019

Get on your knees and let Debbies LONG WATERY FARTS rain down on you!  Open your mouth and take it all in!  These farts sound amazing and you will LOVE this new hot angle of her ass and legs!

MARCH 17TH 2019

Poor Mona had to work a double shift at work today and she could not wait to get home.  They had a MEXICAN THEMED potluck at the office and her stomach has been BLOATED WITH GAS for the whole 16 hours.  SHE HAS BEEN WANTING TO FART ALL DAY!  Her stomach is BLOWING UP WITH GAS and FINALLY she can come home.. sit and relax and release the DRAGONS that have been building ALL DAY LONG!

MARCH 10TH 2019

DAMN I don't know if it was the pose or not but FUCK Mona was farting like a CRAZY WOMAN in this one!  I think it was the way she was sitting but she was FARTING HER FUCKING BRAINS OUT!  and she kept saying over and over again "I think I need to go chit"   enter LONG BLUBBERY FART.. then again.. "I need to chit"  Something about leaning to that one side helped her to get A WHOLE LOTTA gas out!!
MARCH 3rd 2019

I love deep, muffled farts, I love low tones.. I love farts heard in the distance!
At C World we focus a lot on asses.... NO CAP.  but sometimes it is nice to see a PRETTY CHICK pushing out a LONG WARBLEY fart and focus on the face.. not the ass.  So you see her BEAUTIFUL FACE but you hear a long MOOOO'ING fart in the background... now that is hot!

FEBRUARY 23rd 2019

This is a simple idea.  I told her to just LAY THERE AND FART.  Pretend her fart loving boyfriend is right behind her sniffing up all those LONG RUMBLY farts.  The two of you are just relaxing, talking.. and she is letting them rip.. fart after stinky fart right in his face as he kisses and worships her round ass!


Nicole has made the ULTIMATE jean fart clip!  Enjoy!

Those thighs.. that beautiful face and those POWERFUL
farts!  Watch sexy Veronica bring that THUNDER!

We have not seen many women THIS BEAUTIFUL that can fart
like this!  She is what fart dreams are made of!  A gorgeous
beauty queen farting like a red neck trucker!  this is HOT!

Imagine being right behind this PERFECT specimen
of a female   as she blows LONG GUSTY farts right
in your face.  That is the point of this POV MOVIE.
She is showing you exactly what she would do to
you if you were right there with her.  This girl is
just so perfect!  Smelling these would be a DREAM!

Just a twenty minute movie of one of the most
beautiful BIG BOOTY fart girls we have ever seen
recording her best farts over a period of 2 weeks!
Welcome to the BIG BOOTY fart show!

SHE is so beautiful but her farts are so BIG AND UGLY!
You will not believe the sounds coming outta her!
I have never heard a girl her size fart so POWERFUL!
This compilation of over two weeks is not to be missed!

While wearing tight jeans Sexy Veronica can fart with the best
of them!  I get shades of Selena Loca, Big Bertha and a little
bit of Brittany Moore in this set of LONG, BUBBLY FARTS!

For those of you that don't know.. GOAT stands for Greatest Of All Time.  I don't take that title lightly.  To me Veronica Secretz is one of our "GOATS".  To me a GOAT has attractive looks, has both BODY and FACE.  Puts effort and thought into their content, makes both great Toilet content AND fart content and most importantly has EXCEPTIONAL farting ability!  Veronica ranks very high in ALL these categories.. that is why she is a GOAT!


It is so sexy to hear a DEEP, RUMBLY fart!  It is even sexier when the girl is SUPER BEAUTIFUL!  A hard wooden chair will always make a sexy sounding fart so Veronica made a sexy farting on a wooden chair video for all of her fans.  Watch her RUMBLE HER POOR FOOT and make it numb with these HUGE farts!


Veronica has always said that EGGS give her the WORST SMELLING FARTS EVER!  But this time they smell SO AWFUL that she is shocked and she wants you to smell them too!  You have always told her "the smellier the better" and these are her SMELLIEST EGG FARTS ever so she is sticking that PERFECT ass right in your face and letting you sniff them one after the other POV style!

SEPTEMBER 22nd 2018

The MEGA THICK shapely toned legs... the beautiful tanned skin tone.  The iconic tattoos, the round ass.. the MISS AMERICA face and the GINORMOUS farts!  Veronica Secretz is definitely a work of art.. she is perfection and she will go down as one of the 2 or 3 greatest fetish models of all time!  This particular movie has some of her BIGGEST, LONGEST FARTS so far!  LONG, DEEP, MOO'ING COW sounding farts.. enjoy!


I am sure the neighbors could hear these HUGE LONG RIPPERS!
Some of these farts are so big Veronica had to chuckle to herself!
Always beautiful, body always perfect and farts louder than usual,
this is a Veronica Secretz update you do not want to miss!

AUGUST 25TH 2018

Gorgeous Veronica Secretz has her BIGGEST, BOLDEST farts in the morning and in this 20 min. film she took on the task of trying to describe the smell of each fart.  The farts are HUGE and GUSTY!  You can tell they STUNKY by the sound of them and watching this beautiful girl describe the smell is just ADORABLE!

AUGUST 12TH 2018

The beautiful face.

The thick toned body.

The HUGE round booty.

The Tattoos.

The BIGGEST farts she has ever ripped.

This Veronica Secretz video will leave you saying DAMN. DAMN. DAMN!!

JULY 28TH 2018

Veronica is one of the hottest fetish models to ever hit the internet and frankly she feels FEW men or worthy of being close to her.  You can't touch her ass unless you are EXTRA SPECIAL because she is very picky.. but she will give you one thing... HER SMELLY GAS!  So come on.. get close.. take a sniff.. but DON'T TOUCH! this collection of farts features some VERY DEEP AND BASSY sounds coming out of that perfect ass!
JULY 14TH 2018

YOU HAVE NOT SEEN MANY GIRLS THIS HOT AND THIS CURVY FARTING ON CAMERA!  Some girls have body.... some have the face... Veronica got BOTH!  Her thick curvy body looks as if it was carved out of stone by a world class artist... she has a beauty pageant face but yet has style and an edge with the pink hair and tattoos.  WE HAVE NOT SEEN MANY LIKE HER! and on top of that she is one of the greatest farts we have ever seen!  In this compilatioin, taken over a 2 weeks span.. she really shows HOW LOUD A PRETTY GIRL CAN FART!  this is a MUST SEE FART MOVIE!

JUNE 29TH 2018

If you are compiling a list of the MOST ATTRACTIVE FETISH MODELS ever there are a few names that will always be mentioned.  Emma Inc.  Lola Luv Selena Loca ...  there a quite a few other names that come to mind too.. depending on your taste in women.. if you are narrowing it down to just 4 I think we all agree that VERONICA SECRETZ must be on that list!  She's got the beauty, the BODY, the femininity and she is a MONSTER FARTER! and in this clip here she is showcasing her BIGGEST, LONGEST FARTS... SO FAR!!

JUNE 17TH 2018

All of Veronica's best farts are filmed in the morning
so this is a nice compilation of over 2 weeks of
HUGE morning farts!  She even visibly sharts herself!

JUNE 1ST 2018

Veronica has some REALLY BAD GAS in this one.
these are probably her BIGGEST most POWERFUL
blasts yet!  I am not sure what she ate but this compilation
is off the hook with INCREDIBLE sounding farts!  I am sure
her neighbors could hear most of these bad boys!

MAY 17th 2018

Tight jeans give Veronica the BEST farts!  Her ass
sounds like a MOOO'ing cow throughout this whole
20 SOMETHING MIN. FART MOVIE!  See this Flick!!

APRIL 30th 2018

Veronica wearing jeans is always a winning combination
because her farts are DEEP AND BASSY!  When V is wearing
jeans she makes Brittany Moore, Eve Taboo Big Bertha type
farts!  On top of that she is one of the HOTTEST ever to do this!

APRIL 15th 2018

She is one of the most beautiful fart girls ever
and this is probably the best collection of farts
she ever did for me!  Lots of long bassy farts!

MARCH 30th 2018

A nice BIG collection of candid farts from Beautiful Veronica
over the course of 2 weeks!  Lots of great sounds, many of
these farts were HUGE!  Lions, tigers and bears oh my!
A nice variety of BASS, length and musical tones in this one!
Welcome to Veronica Secretz Jungle!

MARCH 16th 2018

This is a 25 MINUTE candid fart compilation from one of the
For a small girl she can really blow some DEEP FARTS!  Jeans,
panties, naked, leggings.. you get a little bit of everything in this
one and it is LOADED with farts with little lag time!

MARCH 2ND 2018

This is a FULL LENGTH fart movie featuring
a nice compilation of farts from Veronica Secretz.
Panties, spandex, jeans, naked butt you get to see
a little bit of everything from Veronica!  Farts filmed
over a 2 week period.. TWO WEEKS WORTH!
All different types of farts, 20 min. worth and
most of them were HUGE!

FEBRUARY 22nd 2018

When Veronica has on tight pants just know you are going
to see an AWESOME FART CLIP!  These are long, bassy and
very LOUD!  Get ready to enjoy her perfect body and perfect farts!

FEBRUARY 13th 2018

Veronica has always told me that "egg" is all that she
needs to get her BEST farts!  So that is what she consumed
to make this hot video!  She looks amazing and her ass incredible!
These were some of her best farts yet!

FEBRUARY 4th 2018

Don't let her extreme beauty fool you!  Veronica Secretz can
fart with the best of them.. Eve Taboo, Lexxxi Lockhart and yes
even Brittany Moore!  Something about blue jeans give her the
deepest, most bubbly farts and she is ripping a LOT of them!

JANUARY 27th 2018

Sexy Jean farts from the most beautiful model
to ever fart on camera!  Sexy long DEEP and BUBBLEY!
This is fart girl 101 just like you like them from VERONICA!

JANUARY 17th 2018

These are simply her BEST FARTS YET!  Very LOUD and EXPLOSIVE!
Her ass sounded like GodZilla tearing up Tokyo!  Not sure what
she ate but these are the GREATEST farts of her career!

JANUARY 9th 2018

 Beautiful girls like Veronica want the world to believe that they do not fart or burp.. excuse me.. the fart and burp MORE than guys do.  Veronica Secretz is a perfect example.  She is the PRETTIEST GIRL TO EVER DO THIS.. point period blank. and she is one of the BIGGEST FARTS ever so yea.. the cat is out of the bag...  HOT GIRLS FART!

 Veronica Secretz is the perfect woman.  She is what we all dream about at night. From head to toe I consider her a perfect 10!  The most beautiful fetish model to hit the scene and one hell of a farter!  Don't cha wish your gf was hot like her?!?  


 You have 3 farts smells that you love..  Rotten Eggs.... Spoiled Milk... and Rotten Veggies.  So your girlfriend Veronica has promised to call you over to SNIFF when ever she has farts that smell that SPECIAL way you like them so smell!  That is the fantasy that plays out in the POV Veronica Secretz MINI MOVIE.

DECEMBER 14th 2017

Sexy Veronica is showing you her best STRIPPER MOVES in this sexy fart striptease!  THESE FARTS ARE HUGE!  Must be all that moving around and girating that really got her gasses flowing!  She is so BEAUTIFUL and her body is PERFECTION..  proving once and for all she may be the HOTTEST GIRL EVER!

DECEMBER 6th 2017

Veronica Secretz had SO MUCH GAS these explosive farts sounded like a GODZILLA MOVIE in her pants!  Yes she looks so pretty and cute and perfect but she is farting like a CRAZY PERSON in this coo coo compilation!

NOVEMBER 28th 2017

I am not sure what Veronica ate but she is farting like A CRAZY WOMAN!  Must be eating a lot of red meat again because the bad boys are LOUD!  I think it is the wood floors or something but they are LONG AND ECHOY!  I bet the neighbors could hear these!



TOO MUCH RED MEAT and Veronica is in for a long weekend.  She has horrible gas and she is literally farting every 5 min.  and they STINK!  and you know whats next.. A MONSTER BEWP!  In this sexy COMBO FART/TOILET clip you get to see the most BEAUTIFUL fart girl ever letting out MONSTER GAS and having an EXPLODING ASS!



THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FART GIRL EVER just gave me the BEST FART COMP EVER!  She recorded farts over a TWO WEEK SPAN with little lag time and LOTS OF ASS!  So many different fart sounds too!  LONG MOANERS... short squeakers.. DEEP GUSTY FARTS... long multi-toned farts.. you name it.. she ripped it!



Seeing a girl has hot as Veronica Secretz being naughty and indulging in fart fetish videos never gets old.  Easily one of the most beautiful girls to perform in this category her videos are a total mind fuck!  The ASS the HUGE FARTS... the PRETTY FACE.. the LEGS!  It is sometimes hard to believe that it is really happening.



This video end with something you have NEVER seen on C World Entertainment clips before.  This is a great compilation of great farts and her great ROUND ASS.. but the ENDING of this clip is a SECRET!

Veronica likes it from the back and you like LONG GUSTY FARTS so you are both a match made in heaven!  She is showing you all the poses she likes to get PLOWED in so just imagine being behind her while she is farting and you guys are making a baby.  



In this clip you are to imagine laying behind Veronica having sex with her.  You BOTH are laying on your side.  You are rubbing and caressing those BIG TANEED LEGS and pounding her asshole while she farts on your cock and balls!  Sex from the back, on the side.. my favorite posistion!  and these farts on your balls are HUGE!  this SECRET clip was also posted on VeronicsSecretz


Another "secret" video.  In this one Veronica does
HER version of the Kinky Kristi "if you were here"
video from the past.  Watch Veronica show you
how she would fart on your face and mouth
and BURY YOU in her big round ass for your
ULITMATE fart fantasy.. THIS IS HOT!


SEPTEMBER 21st 2017
and it is a SECRET!  Consider it Veronica's "secret"
and it by far is her HOTTEST VIDEO YET!

A double cheeseburger with red onion
and a large order of onion rings has given
Veronica BAD ONION FARTS!  She is waiting
for you outside in the car, waiting for you to get off
at work and she is FILLING the car up with STINKY
RAUNCHY GAS, your gonna get a nose full of it when
you get in the car.. Hey.. I hope you like onions!

SEPTEMBER 7th 2017
To have an ASS like that
and to have a FACE like that
on the same body is just not fair!
Veronica Secretz is just so OUT OF THIS WORLD
hot!  You just sit there watching her videos like
"oh, come on!"  Great farts in this one too!

AUGUST 29th 2017
Been wanting a HOT JEAN FART VIDEO
from Veronica and she REALLY delivered one!
Her farts sound so good in jeans!  Very rumbly
and DEEP and these bad boys were LONG!
Many Different sounds coming outta that round
PERFECT ass of hers!  Welcome to the JUNGLE!!


AUGUST 21st 2017
Veronica likes having her ASS EATIN' and that is
EXACTLY what you are doing to her POV style!
She sticks that ROUND RUMP in your face so you
can munch on it.. tonguing her asshole and biting
her cheeks as she rips LONG POWERFUL FARTS
on your nose, mouth and tongue!  These farts are HUGE
and VIOLENT!  They were so EXPLOSIVE it is almost like
Veronica Secretz is SHITTING IN YOUR MOUTH!!


AUGUST 13th 2017
Veronica has the RAUNCHIEST FARTS
first thing in the morning!  She is a health nut
and she eats lots of CRAZY things like flax seeds
and protein powders and raw juices and her stomach
is always blowing up with gas... especially in the mornings.
So I told her to do her best and try to analyze the smells
that are coming out of her ass!  So basically she sticks
out her ass.. rips a RUMBLY fart then sticks her face
into the FUNK CLOUD... haha.. ANALYZE THIS!

AUGUST 5th 2017
As much as I love to see Veronica's
thick, toned, tatted body naked there
is just something about TIGHT JEANS
that take her farts to that NEXT LEVEL!
As gorgeous as she is.. throw a pair of
jeans on her and she is right up there
with the LIGHTS OUT farters of this game!
These farts are LONG and MULTI-TONED
and often times it sounds like her ass is
actually saying FULL WORDS.. Well
Bring that ass over her.. talk to me baby!

JULY 29th 2017
Just imagine hitting this from the back
Just imagine hitting this from the side
Sex with Veronica while she blasts POWERFUL, LONG
farts on your cock and balls!  The eggy smell is wafting
up to your nose as you pound that pussy harder and faster!
You are about to CUM!  Do you think you can pull out?!
Nope, me neither.. my guy, you just went "half on a baby"


JULY 21st 2017
Having a SMOKING HOT girl friend is not easy!
She has been shopping a lot, acting a little distant
and she got some strange text in the middle of the nite.
I am pissed so I go to confront her but she KEPT FARTING!
Yea.. she ate a bunch of eggs and has CRAZY BAD GAS!
It is SO HARD for me to stay mad at her when she is farting
NON STOP!  Every time I start to say something she is all...'
"sniff this eggy fart and shut the fuck up!"
JULY 14th 2017
I must admit.. it's getting a little STINKY back here!
These farts are SUPER RUMBLY especially the jean ones!
Yes I have always had a fart fetish and Veronica is
definitely making my fantasy some true but MAN
It smells like PURE SHIT right about now!  EGGS
it!  But what can I say, I ASKED for face farts so
I cannot complain about how SMELLY they are!
(this is a POV fantasy set to YOU the viewer)
JULY 7th 2017
This is what it is like fellas!  When your new HOT GIRLFRIEND
decides to fart for your pleasure!  She eats a lot of RED MEAT
to give her farts that SULPHUR fart smell that you like.. she
makes sure to drink plenty of soda pop and sips on some milk.
Then when she is ready to BLOW she calls you over and raises
that GIGANTIC ROUND ASS right up into your nose and mouth
as you lay behind her!  She moves are ass in a circle, nice and sexy
into your face over and over again all day long!  It is your PERFECT
FART FETISH DREAM COME TRUE!  If only this was real life(shot POV)

JUNE 29th 2017
Veronica Secretz is SO HOT it's just not fair!
Her ass is SO ROUND.. her farts are SO BIG
and her face is so BEAUTIFUL it's like I can't
believe my eyes and ears when I am watching
her content!  She is simply... PERFECT!  I am
so glad to have her as a "C World Girl" but
I know for a fact the the competition is looking
at her like "Oh, COME ON!!"  Very BIG farts in
this one with great length!  Nice variety of
poses and outfit changes! A can't miss clip!!

JUNE 21st 2017
In case some of you don't know this, Veronica is an
accomplished fitness model.  She works out a LOT!
She is always EATING to maintain energy for her
intense workouts that is why she is such a
every morning and is always eating BIG SALADS
loaded with veggies!  This all makes for MONSTER GAS!
her farts are LOOONNNNNNNNG!  So long that she can play
with them!  Imagine starting to fart, then starting to eat a
yogurt and the fart is SO LONG that you are damn near
finished with the yogurt before the fart ends!!!  I love when
she SHAKES HER ASS and let's out a LOOOOOOONG fart
at the same time.. she does that a few times in this video.
A lot of these were captured in the morning.. when she has
the MOST gas!  You will LOVE THESE SOUNDS!  You will
feel like you are watching a MONSTER MOVIE or something!!!!

JUNE 14th 2017
Who doesn't want to make mad passionate love
to Veronica Secretz?!  I asked Veronica what are
her favorite SEX POSITIONS and she showed me
HOW SHE LIKES TO GET THE "D"!  I also asked
and she did that too!  So if your dream is to have
this is the video for you!  this is HOT!

JUNE 7th 2017
Selena Loca, Debbie Deb, Brapp Gurl, Poizon Envy.
These New Girls of C World are so AMAZING!  OMG
Veronica Secretz is the HOTTEST of the HOT fart girls
and her clips lately have been OUTTA THIS WORLD!
I never knew she could FART LIKE THIS!  Nevermind
how GORGEOUS she is.. put her up there with fart
ROYALTY like Brittany Moore, Jackie the Ripper,
Chastity and the rest of the fart greats! And Veronica
makes SUCH GOOD VIDEOS!  Every week I am more
amazed by her.. so yea.. THE MADNESS CONTINUES
MAY 31th 2017
Emma Ink/JennaKitten level of HOTNESS!
Brittany Moore/Eve Taboo level of FART POWER!
Kinky Kristi/Queen Lizzy level of VIDEO QUALITY!!!

that said.... if you don't think this is the BEST
FART VIDEO you have ever watched with your eyes!!!
say it with me everyone... "KILL...... YO..... SELLLLLLF!!!"

MAY 24th 2017
Although her ass looks like a PERFECTLY ROUND
PLUMP BUBBLE the main thing that sticks out to
me about this clip is how LONG these farts were!
They were so long and DRAWN OUT and lentil soup
is to blame.  She loves lentil soup even though it
gives her crazy bad gas and I love her after she
has had lentil soup because she sends in CRAZY
GOOD FARTS!  And after every LONG ASS FART
she gives a sexy, very cute and girly sigh of
relief.... like.. "ahhhhhhhhhhh!"

MAY 17th 2017
These were some SUPER SEXY sounding farts!
I love a good MULTI-TONED fart!  The kinda fart
where it sounds like the ass is trying to tell you something!
In this clip Veronica's ass said many things...
and I think it even said "I luvvvv uhh" which warmed my heart!
Jokes aside these are some LONG, BASSY JEAN FARTS!
and as you can see her booty looks SPECTACULAR!

MAY 9th 2017
It is very hard to rap my head around watching a girl
ripping HORSE FARTS over and over again!!!  Am I dreaming?!
Emma Ink.. Jenna Kitten and Love Rachelle are 3 of the hottest
models on earth!  but Veronica Secretz, I just have to say
this chick is on ANOTHER FUCKING PLANET!!!

MAY 2ND 2017
Ok.. we can all agree that Veronica's ass looks AMAZING!
Now let's talk about THESE FARTS!  They were SO SEXY!
Just long and MULTI-TONED and very deep in parts!  I felt
like her ass was trying to tell me something!  These farts
were LONG AND BASSY I felt like I was having a conversation
with a BIG ROUND BOOTY.. or maybe the booty was trying to
sing me a song!  either way.. these last few clips of Veronica
Secretz have been OFF THE CHARTS HOT!!

APRIL 25th 2017
I am a girl watcher and I see hot girls all the time.
But do you ever see something SO HOT where you
are just like "Oh Come On!"  Just RIDICULOUSLY HOT?!?!
That is all I can say about this update!!!  I mean HOLY FUCK!
Look at that ROUND ASS and her farts are BIGGER THAN EVER!
The way she moves it and Jiggles these LONG DRAWN OUT FARTS
outta that perfect ass will DRIVE YOU NUTS!  and NUT is the operative word!
Veronica Secretz is so SCOULDING HOT! it is almost NOT FAIR!

APRIL 18th 2017
First of all.. I love all of the C World Girls.  Secondly
I mean no disrespect to any fart girl past or present
that has done videos for this fetish category.  BUT....
It is GAME OVER.  The quality of her clips... the
quality of her HUGE FARTS... the size and roundness
of her ass!  On top of that her BEAUTY!  Argueabley
the PRETTIEST fetish model of all time!  I feel all things
considered Veronica Secretz is the greatest Fart model EVER!
I could go on and on but I really NEED people to see this video
so I don't want to keep you... but just know this... it's GAME OVER.
APRIL 11th 2017
"Excuse me beautiful red headed lady in the jeans
with the model face and the BIG BUBBLE BUTT!  I think
I just heard a fart but I don't know where it came from.
It as a BIG LONG RUMBLY FART!  sounded like a 500
pound man must have ripped it" BRRUUUUUMMMMMPHHHH!
See, see there it is again!  did you hear that maam?!  I KNOW it
can't possibly be you.. you are just TOO PRETTY and TOO
there it goes again.. uh.. wait.. wait...  maam... THAT WAS YOU!"
Maam.. no disrespect but you look TOO GOOD to be fartin' like that!!!

APRIL 3RD 2017
"Lady Like farts" will always be a staple in the world
of girls farting.  It's all about the legs and NOBODY
has sexier legs than Veronica Secretz!  After a long
day at work at the office Veronica comes home, has
a seat in front of you and LET'S IT ALL OUT!  You see
when you have a corporate job you cannot fart at work,
so she has been holding in this MONSTER GAS all day long!
And look at her cute "fart faces" HOLY FUCK this girl is so
ADORABLE!  I swear I would marry this chick ON SIGHT!!

MARCH 25th 2017
Veronica is such a beauty but I am telling you she got
BAD GAS this week!  She told me Bagels and cream cheese
are her biggest weakness every morning and that although
she loves this treat the cream cheese gives her HORRIBLE GAS!
She looks SO HOT in this one.. so cute trying to make a sexy fart
video for her fans but the farts are so BIG and so SMELLY that you
can tell she is getting distracted by how bad they SMELL!  It must
be hard to remain BEAUTIFUL when a BEAST keeps coming outta your ass!

MARCH 17th 2017
Welcome to the Grand Opening of the C World Gentlemens Club!
This is our feature dancer Veronica Secretz!  She is so sexy and
sultry and she has BAD GAS today!  So I hope you don't mind
but she will be FARTING UP A STORM as she gives you your
and get your singles out!  Because you are in for a show!

(HOLY SHIT, jokes aside, this is SO FUCKIN' HOT!  I should
really open up a C World Strip Club!.. just imagine.. anyways
FUCK!  Veronica is so PERFECT!!   this clip is a MUST SEE)

MARCH 10th 2017
SOOO.. I am sitting with my girl chatting with her before
she hops in the shower.  As we talk she keeps on
farting... A LOT!......She is so HOT and I love the way
she loves to be naked.  She just took a MONSTER SHIT
and she is about to get cleaned up when out of now where
she asks me "Will you eat my ass?"  I mean I know she likes
to get her ass eaten but she JUST TOOK A SHIT! and I can
STILL SMELL IT!  How can I say know to this girl I mean look at
her!  YES! yesss... ok ok I ate her ass!  can you blame me?

MARCH 3rd 2017
Look at those LEGS, that ASS.. the fashion model FACE!
OMG she is fuckin' PERFECT!  On top of all of that she got
going for her she is a TOP TEN farter of ALL TIME!  If you
would have told me back in 2005 that a chick as
SMOKIN' HOT AS THIS would also be putting out some
of the BEST FART CLIPS EVER!  I would have told you you
were dreaming!  Well It's 2017 and Veronica is one SWEET DREAM!!

FEBRUARY 23rd 2017
Every day when my gorgeous GF Veronica
comes home from work I like to massage and
kiss on her BEAUTIFUL FEET!  She is hesitant
to let me do it because she fears her feet might
be stinky because they have been "in shoes all day"
Little does she know I LOVE the smell of sweaty
girls feet.. she is also VERY GASSY from holding in
her farts all day!  They are always VERY big and VERY
smelly and with the two things together she is
definitely fulfilling my SMELL FETISH FANTASY!!

FEBRUARY 16th 2017
The HOTTEST girl to ever do a fart video!
The BEST farter of all the "pretty" models
that have ever done it!  On second thought
Yea... I said!  Veronica Secretz is off the charts
good in EVERY category!  You name it, she can
go head to head with anyone.. body... face...
farts... Who's better than her?!   Anyone?!
In fact if you have not joined this site yet..
update she out farted the likes of BIG BERTHA
Name anyone you want to name...and if you don't think
this update is ONE OF THE GREATEST EVER then
congratulations.. you are cured! you don't have a fart fetish!

FEBRUARY 9th 2017
OMG!!  If you think the petite, slim girls cannot fart
like the bigger girls of the culture than THINK AGAIN!
I swear if you close your eyes you would think you were
I have never seen a chick who LOOKS LIKE THIS,
FART LIKE THAT!  I promise you, this is one of the
Long, deep, rumbly cheek flappers coming from

MAN!  I go back and forth with the "who is the hottest to ever
do this?" argument.  Veronica Secretz, Emma Ink, Emma Ink,
Veronica Secretz.. Man.. it's a tough call!  HOLY SHIT Veronica is
so SMOKIN' HOT!  The face, the hair, the tats.. and FUCK..
the BODY on this chick!  Her videos are so hot that even
if you are not into farting these videos would still be
JERK OFF material because she is THAT BEAUTIFUL!  and if you
don't think so... not for nothing... IDK... you might be GAY!
She farts with the best of them.. poses are on point.. the change
of wardrobe .. I mean EVERYTHING you could ever want in a model!
And again.. if you disagree.. no disrespect to the LGBTQ community
but you might be playing for their team cuz SHE.. IS... AMAZING!

JANUARY 25th 2017
You finally got up the nerve to tell your HOT roomate
that you have a crush on her!  You also confessed
that her CONSTANT FARTING really turns you on!
So what did she do?  She did what any hot girl would
do, she tormented you with her sexy farts!   Teasing you
being so GIRLY and so CUTE and ripping HUGE FARTS!
You gotta see this SMOKIN' HOT POV fantasy!!

JANUARY 18th 2017
My cutie looks so Adorable in this update
reacting to her own WEIRD SMELLING FARTS!
For the life of her she cannot figure out what
she ate to make her farts smell so STRANGE!
She said it was kinda like a mixture between
Milk, Veggies and Fish.  But there was another
weird aroma in there too that she could not
describe... she just said it was AWFUL and BAD!

JANUARY 11th 2017
I asked Veronica to give me her
BEST farts yet and she told me
that there is NO FOOD that gives
her bad gas like EGGS.  So here
you go.... EGGS.. blasting outta her
ass and a tremendous rate!  ROTTEN
EGGS to be exact!  She told me that they
"smelled so bad" she could not believe
that smell was coming from her!  They were
SO SMELLY she kept laughing as you will see
throughout this update.. I WISH I WAS THERE!

JANUARY 4th 2017
Remember back in 2006 when Terra Thompson
came along and it was like WTF!  How in the world
is someone THIS HOT doing fart videos?!  Well I get
that same feeling when I see Veronica Secretz!  She is
so damned pretty and girly and FEMININE!  Her body
is so nice.. she is just PERFECTION!  It is like a total
mind fuck watching a chick this BEAUTIFUL fart like a MAN!
And that is exactly how I felt when I first met Terra!

DECEMBER 26th 2016
You know that she is beautiful,
you know she has a HOT BODY and
you know for sure she can FART! but did
you know Veronica Secretz is a NYMPHO?!
That's right this girls GOTTA HAVE IT!  In this
sexual POV fantasy she is BEGGING for you to
to have sex with her!  She is farting the whole
time because she knows you like it!  She even
gives you AMAZING HEAD ripping HUGE FARTS
during the whole SEXUAL EPISODE... and when
you take too long to give her the D she finally
decides just to "finish" on her own.  Of
course she is FARTING HUGE the whole time!

DECEMBER 18th 2016
Time to take.. the "masturrbation test"
Can you watch this entire video without
busting a nut?  Can you watch 50% of this
video without busting a nut?  Can you make
it?  How far can you make it?  Let me first
tell you.. the success rate is ZERO!  Watch
this whole video without busting a nut..
ZERO CHANCE.... get through half of it
without busting a nut.. ZERO CHANCE.
The ass is moving... she is ripping the
FARTS OF A LIFETIME... she looks so
FUCKING PRETTY.... yea.. 60 seconds.. TOPS!

DECEMBER 10th 2016
One of the first fart videos ever produced was
back in the late 90's and it was "a tale of many farts".
fast forward to 2016 and we have the HOTTEST
fart model in the world ushering in a whole new
Generation of fantastic fart girls!  Simple.. record
every fart you rip for one whole week!  Bassy ones
multi-toned ones.. Long Moaners.. short wet squeakers
There are SO MANY farts in this clip you are bound to
fall in love.. several times! (Shout out to RR)
DECEMBER 5th 2016
OMG! IT HAPPENED! For a small fee (10k) you convinced
Veronica Secretz to come over to your house and
make your ULTIMATE fart fantasy come true!  She
has loaded up on MEAT which gives her strong
SULPHUR FARTS!  She is going to fart for you,
and let you F*CK THE SH*T OUT OF HER!
And she is going to be ripping TUBA FARTS!
while these things are happening!  Then at the
end you are going to UNLOAD right on her
FART VIDEOS OF 2016!  When you have
sex with a girl THIS HOT....this ain't no ordinary
booty call... Somebody gettin' PREGNANT tonight!

NOVEMBER 28th 2016
Yes.. I know... 98% of the male population would
be FURIOUS at me for making this site.  NO GIRL
as hot as Veronica Secretz should EVER be farting
in front of a camera and ruining the MYTH that SMOKIN'
hot girls don't do those "sort of things"!  OMG she looks
SO HOT in this update and the farts are SO BIG.. it is a
total MIND FUCK when you watch this clip!  She has
ENORMOUS morning farts but she is SO BEAUTIFUL
you cannot even tell she just woke up! It's insane!
She is so fucking pretty that I kinda feel bad for guys
who don't like girls farting.. I probably ruined there lives!
(really I don't give a shit, she's so hot you'd still smash)

NOVEMBER 21th 2016
Since we cannot be there to smell these precious
farts I asked Veronica to give us a deep fart
"analysis" of what each one smells like.  She ripped
some in a jar and described the smell, she ripped some
in the air and tried to describe the smell.  In her own very

NOVEMBER 16th 2016
Some CRAZY combination of food has
given Veronica the worst gas ever!  Hamburgers,
beer cheese, a half gallon of ice cream and maybe
her morning protein shake.  Those things with a few
others mixed in have given her 3 days of VIOLENT,
SMELLY WIND!  She is SO CUTE on camera, yea she
has bad gas but she is totally down with it and having
fun with it... Good thing she as a camera!

NOVEMBER 13th 2016
After a long day of running errands or
sitting in bumper to bumper traffic or
a stressful day at work sometimes you
just have to come home and RELAX!
Take a deep breath, take your pants
off.. close your eyes and FART!
Long Bubbley ones too!  Why not?!
you are the only one home! But
DAMN!  some of these farts were
SO LOUD her neighbors surely heard
her!  Some of them were so big they
sounded like they hurt coming out!

NOVEMBER 9th 2016
The gorgeous face.... the plump round ass
the DEEP BASSY FARTS!.... all three of those
together.. can you handle it?!  Better question
can you finish the whole video without having
to bust a nut?  I COULD NOT.. so this is a challenge
to my fellow fart lovers... an Endurance Test.
HOW FAR CAN YOU GET?!?  Time it, it won't be far!

NOVEMBER 5th 2016
I LOVE fart compilations.  A hot babe
just taping EVERY SINGLE FART for like
one week.  You get variety and most importantly
you get to witness ALL of the farts without
missing out on any good ones.  BUT...
THIS is more than a fart compilation.
Frankly.. THIS is one of the greatest things
I have ever seen!  Besides being THE HOTTEST
MODEL EVER I quickly learned from this comp.
that Veronica can FART WITH THE BEST OF THEM!!
After viewing this you will be COO COO 4 compilations!

NOVEMBER 4th 2016
You got one job!  Sit here in this chair
stick her thick round ass in your face and fart right
on your nose, as your nose lay nustled between
her meaty butt cheeks!  ONE JOB!!  are you up for it?!

That is the question we must determine.
Emma in my opinion is the "measuring stick"
for the "hottest girl to ever do this" and I
think Veronica took the crown!  OMG it's like
a total MIND FUCK watching a girl this HOT
do naughty fart fetish videos!  BRACE YOURSELF!

OCTOBER 31st 2016
Holy Shit she is GORGEOUS!  She doesn't
mind farting for you but she is kinda being
a "brat" about it.  Kinda making you beg
for it.. Kinda teasing you... being a little
mean about it.  But her farts are so BIG
and she looks so HOT.. it is all worth it!