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Hot girls have a "secret" life that
they live behind closed doors.  On
this site we are going to EXPOSE
what hot girls do while alone.
Welcome to VeronicaSecretz.com
This site is hosted by Mufasa and Dakota
and also includes videos of the original
model the wonderful.... Veronica Secretz!

FEBRUARY 18th 2019
Great toilet clip of Dakota unleashing a HUGE morning duke in the toilet.  You can tell by the look on her face that this load must have felt GOOD to get out!  she really made a big MOUND in there!

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FEBRUARY 11th 2019

Dakota has a huge ass with MEATY cheeks and she can make rumbly, bubbly jean fart sounds by just wearing a simple thong.  She proves that in this clip.  And as a reward for watching her clip she will let you jerk off into her mouth at the very end!

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FEBRUARY 4th 2019

Arianna BomBae is so fucking beautiful and EXOTIC!  Watch her PUNISH Dakota's face with deep, rumbly farts!  later in the clip Dakota gets her revenge with some BUBBLY GAS of her own.  I just wish they both would get revenge on ME!!

JANUARY 26th 2019

BOTH of these smoking hot girls were farting LOUD and BUBBLEY tonight!  after pizza and drinks they are both ready to BLOW and they made a FANTASTIC face fart video. and fuck Ariana BomBae and Dakota are looking so good in their TIGHT SPANDEX and PAJAMA PANTS!

JANUARY 20th 2019

Mufasa and Dakota took this clip in the morning when both of them needed to TAKE A DUMP!  Watch the PUNISH each others noses and a contest of WHOSE FARTS ARE STINKIER MINE OR YOURS??

JANUARY 12th 2019

I am calling her KENDAL in this one because as you can see she looks a LOT like Kendal Jenner.  That's right Miley, big sis Dakota and her best friend new comer Ariana Bombae all put on lingerie and sniffed each others farts...  you're welcome.


 2020 IS GOING TO BE THE YEAR!  The hot babes are rushing in and they all want to fart for you!  I am proud to introduce ARIANNA BOMBBAE!  My newest model!  watch her join this FACE FART THREESOME along with MILEY MONTANA and DAKOTA REIGN!  Watch her stick her HUGE round ass in Dakota's face and rip LONG RUMBLY FARTS!  this is getting OUTTA FUCKING CONTROL!!!!

DECEMBER 31st 2019

 Of the 3 sistaz Dakota tells me that lil sis MILEY MONTANA has by far the WORST SMELLING FARTS!  She says they smell REALLY BAD and they LINGER!  So when Dakota BURYS HER NOSE in MILEYS ASSHOLE it makes it really hard to withstand her STENCH!  but.. MM is HOT AS FUCK tho....  so theres that.

DECEMBER 22nd 2019

Mufasa has a bad case of RAUNCHY FARTS tonight.. I mean she said they really STUNK like ROTTEN MEAT!  So she decided to rub her SMELLY FART all over her sister Dakota's face! and in return Dakota RUBBED MUFASA'S BIG TITS..  I guess that is a fair exchange!

DECEMBER 17th 2019

These Santana Redd Farts were LONG!  Look at her pretty face pushing them out.  they were SO FUCKING LONG she had to give an extra little PUSH to get the rest of the gas out at the end of each fart!  a little HUMMPH at the end..  I LOVE THIS.. I have never really seen this in a fart video before.. so now we got a new TING.  and yes..  OUR GIRLS SHOW THEIR FACES which is very important to the fantasy  IMO.  these long moaners needed help so she gave a HUMMPPH at the end.  see preview image

DECEMBER 10th 2019

NO these are not creepy youtube comments.. this is actually what one HOT SISTER said to the other HOT SISTER in another AMAZING video from our favorite fart sniffing duo!


Dakota had a big bowl of Granola and it has given her CRAZY BAD GAS!  She is at the super marker FARTING UP A STORM!  People hear her farts... and SHE DOES NOT CARE!  She says she "loves farting in public, it's like an adrenaline rush"  Dakota we love you farting in public too!  keep it up!

NOVEMBER 26th 2019

Mufasa is telling her sister about some guy she is dating that HATES her farts.  He gets so upset when she farts around him and Mufasa broke up with him.  Dakota reassures her sister that she LOVES sniffing her farts and she lets Mufasa rip FART after EGGY FART in her face.. back to back to prove it!

NOVEMBER 18th 2019

2 hot sisters just hanging out.. eating candy...

NOVEMBER 13th 2019

The FSS are going crazy in the parking lot of the local market.  Farting up a storm and stinking up the car.  People were watching them but they do not seem to care.  They are having too much fun sniffing farts!


It's only right that the TWO HOTTEST FART MODELS ON EARTH get together and sniff each others BUBBLY FARTS!  Just so happens that they are sisters.. but.. . whatever...  whatcha gonna do??


I wanted to come up with some cool title for this...
 but let's just call it what it is.. shall we.  


These girls are starting to get SO WILD!  First of all I don't know what they did last night but both of them slept in their car.  They woke up from a wild night of partying and they were both BLOWING UP THE CAR with HUGE MORNING FARTS!  I think they were getting turned on... they were feeling each others boobs and grabbing and sniffing each others butts.. I am not sure what I just watched..... but I FUCKING LIKE IT!


Mufasa begs her OWN SISTER to sniff her ROUND ASS as she rips loud farts in public.. in the car!  Dakota reports how AWFUL her sisters farts smell then she comes back at her with a few RIPPERS of her own.  Add in a few BASSY garlic butter belches from Mufasa and I am sure that car was smelling LOVELY!


We have NEVER seen anything like
this.. ENJOY IT.  Mufasa, Dakota
and YOU all on a car together!
Hot farts and BURPS being blown
in your face.. and of course your
dick is out.. ITS A 3 SOME!

SEPTEMBER 26th 2019

FUUUUUUUUCK OMG OMG OMG.... fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!  THIS IS SO HOT! I don't know what I just watched but it is the BEST FARTING VIDEO I EVER SEEEN....... PERIODT.

SEPTEMBER 19th 2019

Mufasa's burps and Dakota's farts have one thing in common.  they both smell like BEWP!  Mufasa kept belching BASSY belches and blowing them in Dakota's face and Dakota would get revenge by farting!  This was all done in public
 and the people around were OUTRAGED!

SEPTEMBER 13th 2019

Mufasa does NOT wear panties.. but she recently just went out and bought some to fart in because she knows PANTY FARTS are a staple in the fart community.. so welcome to the party!

SEPTEMBER 6th 2019

Dakota likes farting in front of people
too much!  She says its "such a rush"
farting in public.  I ask all the girls
to do videos like this but most of them
decline.  But Dakota GIVES NO FUCKS
She farted right in front of a lady and
the lady HEARD THE FARTS..  OMG!


Mufasa's farts were so SHARTY AND WET
her poor car was like a toilet on wheels!
There were people in the parking lot
watching her too and she didn't seem
to care.  She said these farts smelled
like spoiled milk.  I wish I could check.

AUGUST 29th 2019

Just posted to VeronicaSecretz Dakotas farts
are so LOUD AND RUMBLY today.  She is in
a PUBLIC STORE and people keep HEARING
our LOUD BASSY FARTS.. People are actually
pointing at her when she lets rip!
she is so EMBARRASED!  or is she?

AUGUST 25th 2019

Just posted to VeronicaSecretz, Mufasa waited
 until she was OUT IN PUBLIC to rip the BIGGEST,
 LOUDEST farts I have ever heard her rip.  she was
 AROUND and she had not idea they
would be THAT LOUD!

AUGUST 17th 2019

There is only one thing hotter than a beautiful girl ripping LOUD DUCK SOUNDING farts.  A beautiful girl ripping loud DUCK SOUNDING quacky farts IN PUBLIC!  Sexy Dakota gives ZERO FUCKS what people think.. she went out to run errands and farted RIGHT IN FRONT OF PEOPLE as they were walking by and going about their day.  this girl don't give a FUCK!

AUGUST 9th 2019

There is only one thing hotter than a beautiful girl ripping LOUD DUCK SOUNDING farts.  A beautiful girl ripping loud DUCK SOUNDING quacky farts IN PUBLIC!  with PEOPLE WALKING BY!!  Sexy Dakota gives ZERO FUCKS what people think.. she went to the local market and farted RIGHT IN FRONT OF PEOPLE adding "yes I hope you heard that"  this is one of the best PUBLIC FARTING videos you will ever see!


These SMOKIN' HOT sisters keep
farting and sniffing each other
they are also trying to figure out
whose farts are the stinkiest??
They are smelling each others
farts and just having too much
damn fun farting... I wish I was there!
They even hotboxed each other by
farting in the car! So..  Who Farted?!

JULY 23RD 2019

Sexy Veronica did a long fart compilation
for us wearing her cutest bra and panty sets!
Lots and lots of great farts in this one!

JULY 15TH 2019

In this fart fetish fantasy Veronica Secretz
has just gotten back from the girls trip you
sent her on.. now she wants to say THANK YOU
by giving you a fart STRIP TEASE with powerful
farts to show how much she missed you while gone!

JULY 8TH 2019

Watching a girl this beautiful fart will
always blow my mind.  It is so against
what society teaches us.  And Veronica
is one of the most beautiful to ever do it

JUNE 30TH 2019

A nice compilation from one of the
2 or 3 most beautiful fetish models
to ever hit the internet.  Nice rips
in this one and she looks so HOT!